Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Alive & Kickin'

Hey everyone! Yep, believe the title. I am alive and in fact, doing very well. I'll try to write a little more often - I have so much to catch ya'll up on!

I left the yarn business and have gone back to social work, as of yesterday. I started a new job as an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Counselor at Magellan Health Services. It is a fantastic job, albeit slightly overwhelming, with a fairly large learning curve. There is so much information to learn! But everyone there is wonderful, and I'm really enjoying being back in my profession. I enjoyed my time at both Hearthstone Knits and The Loopy Ewe, but my heart was calling me back to social work. Plus, a higher salary and benefits are simply what this single girl needs!

Speaking of being single, I have been hitting eHarmony hard the last few months. I can't even tell you how many dates I've been on, people I've met, dinners I've eaten. I feel a little trampy actually, but I am told that this is how you meet people, so I'm giving it my all. I have to admit, I have a few pretty crazy stories, but for the most part, it's been a lot of fun. Wish me luck - I'm so ready to meet someone special...

My 33rd birthday was earlier this month. Seriously, I think it was my best birthday ever. I not only got to celebrate the week before by going for Thai and drinks with about 12 of my friends, but then celebrated again the day of at Mindy and Eric's with a fantastic home cooked meal. Check out what we had for dessert:

Yes, that's us roasting marshmallows on candles at the dining room table! I once shared with Mindy and Kara that I used to roast tiny marshmallows on toothpicks on candles when I was younger. (One of my favorite treats!) Mindy thought it would only be appropriate to roast some on my birthday. We had originally planned to do it outside with a regular fire, but it just happened to be raining that night, so we tried it my old fashioned way. It looks to me like Mindy enjoyed it - what do you think?

Kara was also wonderful enough to bake German Chocolate cupcakes, which you can see in the foreground. So yummy!