Friday, June 30, 2006

Organization is the Key

Apparently, all I needed was a little organization to get the ball rolling (no pun intended.) Look what I recently purchased!

Best product ever known to knitters (or at least to this one so far!) I spent most of last Saturday (1) at Pennie's Place checking out all the wool (2) winding my stash and (3) organizing my stash into this fabulous contraption: (And yes, most all of those drawers are full of yarn, although there is definitely still room to grow.) Here's more detailed stash pics (note Muffin checking out the superb cotton):

As for actual knitting, here's the Burp Cloth & Bib out of the glorious Mason Dixon book:

I already gave Cindy the burp cloth. The bib still needs a button sewn on for sweet niece Maria. Speaking of Cindy, while at my apartment on Monday, she noticed one of my Ballband Dishcloths she just had to have! First time someone has seen an FO of mine and claimed it as her own - I'm so excited!

Presently I am working on my first felted handbag, and have begun my first pair of socks (baby size to practice on.) Keep in mind, this is also my first time knitting on DPNs as well. I'm learning all kinds of things. I have especially learned that it is ok to rip out a sock and start over, and rip out again, and so on...

Saturday, June 17, 2006

So Much To Knit!

Well, I feel like I'm on project overload at this point. Check out my stash. Just about every skein of yarn in there has a project attached to it, just waiting to be casted on.

Ok, I realize that for some, this may seem like a small stash. But for me, a newbie, it feels like a lot of yarn (packed in layers.) Here's the problem: even though it feels like a lot of yarn, I still want to buy more! And I keep finding more projects I want to start. I should ban myself from all internet searching and yarn shop hopping until the projects all this yarn is destined for are completed! (Sounds like a great idea, but I highly doubt I have the discipline a plan like that would require.)

I have finished a total of 3 Ballband Dishcloths of the Mason Dixon variety.

I am in love with the simplicity of this pattern and I plan to make plenty more. I figure I will consistently have one on my needles, to have as my "mindless" knitting when I don't really want to concentrate.

That leads into my next project. I have finally chosen a pattern that is an actual article of clothing. Can you believe it? I have to admit, I am scared to death. I have a history of knitting things that turn out just a little off of the original plan. I am trying to go into this pattern with a laid-back attitude. (This is totally ridiculous for me, a Type A Girl, but whatever.) Here's what I've chosen: Eliza by Berroco. I am going to knit it with Knit Picks Shine Worsted in Coral. It was my first online yarn purchase, and I am totally thrilled. I received it very quickly, and found their ordering process easy. Besides, what could be better than finding a package of yarn at your front door? That's Sam admiring a skein. I'm sure he's picturing the beautiful knitted tank his mommy is about to create.
I think I've said this in an earlier post, but I plan to list all of my upcoming projects here on my blog sometime soon. But now, I need to go knit up a swatch for Eliza. Wish me luck!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

So Many Projects

I have been dying to blog for almost 2 weeks, and could never find the time! I actually attempted on Thursday, but Blogger was down. Wouldn't you know, technical difficulties on my only night with free time. In the meantime, I have been organizing all of my upcoming projects. I didn't realize how many patterns I had already bought yarn for! (I plan to post these patterns and their specs here soon; have to get my binder situated first. (That's right, my binder-would you expect anything less from Miss Organization?) In the meantime, I feel like I have Knitting ADD. I am just so excited about so many things! Now I know why knitters everywhere have numerous UFOs on needles at the same time. I became one of those knitters last night. I now have a both Mason Dixon Ballband Dishcloth and a Mason Dixon Baby Genius Burp Cloth on needles at the same time! And so it begins... Due to my recent giving in, I am now in need of more bags to hold my projects in. Conveniently, look what Target had on clearance yesterday:

Perfect for carrying smaller projects like the ones mentioned above! Or, of course, pieces/beginnings of larger projects. Although I still have "My First Knitting Bag," purchased at Home Goods, for just such occasions:

Anyway, back to the Target bags: Here's a peek at the inside, with my Burp Cloth in progress (on the left,) and a side view of the extra zippered pocket on the side (on the right.):

Can you tell I think this was an awesome purchase? I find it funny that I get this excited about the accessories that accompany knitting!