Sunday, May 21, 2006

Anxiously Awaiting

So, tomorrow is THE day - my sister is being induced at 6:00am. Go ahead, ask me if the BBBB is finished - well, it's not. 28 rows left. But looking fantastic, and it feels so good to have the end in sight! What is finished is the baby hat - a much smaller, quicker project that I seamed up this past week. Why is it that small articles of clothing knitted in baby colors are always so precious? I would like to make a zillion more of these little hats! (Another reason for being so precious - it was my first real project attempt with decreasing.)

I think the reason the BBBB is not yet completed is because I am constantly being distracted with other projects. I read a little bit of my Mason Dixon Knitting book each night, and have already purchased enough cotton yarn for a whole drawer-full of "warshcloths." And of course, stitch markers have been on my list for months. I was so thrilled yesterday to finally find split rings in the sizes I had been searching for. I made my first set tonight. A little rusty on the beading skills (I've been knitting!) and yet I think they turned out pretty great. They're on a Size 9 knitting needle in this picture. I am planning to knit at least one row of the blanket tonight, since it needs 3 of these markers! I can't wait to see them at work! Although I can't wait to see my sweet little niece even more...

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