Friday, June 30, 2006

Organization is the Key

Apparently, all I needed was a little organization to get the ball rolling (no pun intended.) Look what I recently purchased!

Best product ever known to knitters (or at least to this one so far!) I spent most of last Saturday (1) at Pennie's Place checking out all the wool (2) winding my stash and (3) organizing my stash into this fabulous contraption: (And yes, most all of those drawers are full of yarn, although there is definitely still room to grow.) Here's more detailed stash pics (note Muffin checking out the superb cotton):

As for actual knitting, here's the Burp Cloth & Bib out of the glorious Mason Dixon book:

I already gave Cindy the burp cloth. The bib still needs a button sewn on for sweet niece Maria. Speaking of Cindy, while at my apartment on Monday, she noticed one of my Ballband Dishcloths she just had to have! First time someone has seen an FO of mine and claimed it as her own - I'm so excited!

Presently I am working on my first felted handbag, and have begun my first pair of socks (baby size to practice on.) Keep in mind, this is also my first time knitting on DPNs as well. I'm learning all kinds of things. I have especially learned that it is ok to rip out a sock and start over, and rip out again, and so on...

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Lacey said...

Holy jeebus at that cotton collection! *drools* :D I lurb this SugarnCream stuff, its so cheaply addictive.