Saturday, June 17, 2006

So Much To Knit!

Well, I feel like I'm on project overload at this point. Check out my stash. Just about every skein of yarn in there has a project attached to it, just waiting to be casted on.

Ok, I realize that for some, this may seem like a small stash. But for me, a newbie, it feels like a lot of yarn (packed in layers.) Here's the problem: even though it feels like a lot of yarn, I still want to buy more! And I keep finding more projects I want to start. I should ban myself from all internet searching and yarn shop hopping until the projects all this yarn is destined for are completed! (Sounds like a great idea, but I highly doubt I have the discipline a plan like that would require.)

I have finished a total of 3 Ballband Dishcloths of the Mason Dixon variety.

I am in love with the simplicity of this pattern and I plan to make plenty more. I figure I will consistently have one on my needles, to have as my "mindless" knitting when I don't really want to concentrate.

That leads into my next project. I have finally chosen a pattern that is an actual article of clothing. Can you believe it? I have to admit, I am scared to death. I have a history of knitting things that turn out just a little off of the original plan. I am trying to go into this pattern with a laid-back attitude. (This is totally ridiculous for me, a Type A Girl, but whatever.) Here's what I've chosen: Eliza by Berroco. I am going to knit it with Knit Picks Shine Worsted in Coral. It was my first online yarn purchase, and I am totally thrilled. I received it very quickly, and found their ordering process easy. Besides, what could be better than finding a package of yarn at your front door? That's Sam admiring a skein. I'm sure he's picturing the beautiful knitted tank his mommy is about to create.
I think I've said this in an earlier post, but I plan to list all of my upcoming projects here on my blog sometime soon. But now, I need to go knit up a swatch for Eliza. Wish me luck!

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katie said...

The washcloths look great, I need to cast on for one of those soon. And the top out of Shine is going to look lovely--I really like that yarn. You say you're new to growing a stash, how long have you been knitting?