Sunday, July 23, 2006

All The Craziness!

Well, I am now blogging on my brand new laptop. Not quite an intentional buy, but my other computer literally died, or so The Geek Squad said. I firmly believe them, after listening to the noise it made. So, my new notebook is a blessing in disguise.

As for knitting, this morning I finally finished the Mason Dixon kimono for Maria that I began just a little over 2 weeks ago (if I remember right.) This is the project I started about 3 times, due to mistakes and 2 sizing changes. Travis (my awesome friend/non-knitter) helped me for hours during the pattern alteration process. It's good to have supportive friends like him. The result? What I think looks pretty darn good (in Bernat Cotton Tots.) I took it to Cindy's today, and got a great reaction. I was thrilled! My very first handknit article of clothing! Now my fingers are crossed that Maria will fit into it just as the weather creates a need for a sweater...

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