Sunday, September 10, 2006

Column of Leaves

I hope you can see some of the detail; I had a tough time photographing black. I found this pattern here, at The Island of Misfit Patterns. As I mentioned in my previous post, I was planning to make the Backyard Leaves scarf for L for Christmas, but was overcome with an unnatural fear of reading charts. I still plan to learn how to read a chart (eventually) but decided Brooke's Column of Leaves Scarf felt safer at the time, as all of its instructions are written out. Ironically, I still have to concentrate very hard to not make mistakes, and seem to be making them anyway. I am obviously a little new at yarn overs, and have had my Vogue Knitting book propped up next to me while knitting. I'm using Size 6 needles with Classic Elite Yarns Lush, which is 50% Angora, 50% Wool, and 100% soft. So, even though I am constantly ripping this one back, I am enjoying every second that I knit with this yarn. Note that I said "knit with" and not "rip back."

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