Friday, September 08, 2006

First Felted Finish!

Remember the Hobo Chic Bag? Here it is, in all its knitted glory - huge. (Note size compared to chair and Muffin's ears.) I started this bag at the end of June. No, I wasn't completely dedicating all of my knitting time to it, I had a few WIPs at the same time. You know me, I always seem to get distracted. But I still felt like I had been knitting this bag forever.

It really did knit up rather large...

Now fully felted. Or should I say fulled - what really is the proper term?

And again, up close...

The felting/fulling process was amazing to me, and I am anxious to try more! I used 6 skeins of Lite Lopi on a Size 7 24" circular needle, just as the pattern suggests. I was actually lucky enough to get the pattern prior to it having a cost attached to it. I think it was the perfect first felting experience.

Now, I'm on to L's scarf, intended for Christmas. I chickened out of Backyard Leaves, and am attempting a different leaf pattern without a chart. However, I've already ripped and restarted 4 times. I suppose this always happens to me because I am constantly learning new things from each new pattern. I love learning, but I will also be glad when someday I can just pick up my needles and start a new project once.

I'm also finally working on B's wedding jewelry. I beaded one necklace last weekend, and she approved. Now to make 5 more necklaces, 1 bracelet, and 5 pairs of earrings. Never a dull moment! Beading pics coming soon...

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