Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Cold & The Rain

It has been raining all day today. With the wind, it is downright cold. Great night for a little TV and knitting. Which means I need to get off this computer and get down to it. L's scarf is coming along, slowly but surely. Knitting it has taken some discipline on my part. For some reason, I have lost some of my will to knit - is this what people always refer to as their "knitting mojo?" I have never understood what that means. I honestly have become somewhat of a couch potato, literally doing nothing but watching shows on my DVR. My sluggishness is practically sinful! I keep blaming it on the weather, the time change, or whatever comes to mind. But tonight, knitting and hot chocolate are my plan. L's scarf WILL be done for Christmas!!!

T was here this past weekend. He of course had to make the comment that L's scarf looks like a man's scarf. I am using a pattern entitled "men's," but I really believe it is a neutral pattern. I think T made his comment because it is black, which does seem a little masculine. And yet, black is what L requested. So the knitting continues.

I am anxious to take some pics this weekend, hopefully when there is sunlight. I can't seem to get the black to photograph well in my unnatural lighting at my apartment. Soon, you will see progress. I promise!

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