Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Stinkin' Scarf


I am nearing the end of the second hank of yarn for L's scarf, patterned after the men's cashmere scarf from LMKG.

However, I am starting to panic about how much it is curling in on itself. I know, why have I not panicked until now? Let's call it knitter's denial. But there is no denying this.

Of course, I searched the internet today for others who have knit this pattern, and found a few bloggers who have also experienced curling. So now the big question: what should I do? Do I keep knitting, praying that most/some/even a little bit of the curling will come out once it is blocked? Or do I frog L's stinkin' scarf for what has to be the 25th time, and pick yet another pattern? I think I have bad knitting luck. It seems as though every project I attempt to knit has some sort of problem with it. I'm beginning to question my ability to knit at all! Please, offer me suggestions/advice/a knitting self-help group with a curling recovery program before it's too late...


Nora said...

Will blocking help?

It's hard to see the pattern because of the colour so I can't really suggest anything.

Anonymous said...

Curling is inevitable, so for pete's sake, don't rip it out. As long as it's made with natural fibers (I couldn't find the yarn in the back posts) it'll block out. Just make sure to get it good and wet (don't just spray it with water) and it'll flatten out beautifully!