Saturday, March 31, 2007

So Much To Say

I have so much to tell! First, you must check out The Plucky Knitter, Sarah. She and I "met" on EBay. Remember the Chevron Scarf from LMKG I've been wanting to knit? Well, Sarah just happened to be selling both Farmhouse and Watermelon Tourmaline Socks That Rock - the exact 2 skeins dogged used, and the exact two skeins I wanted! (How beautiful!)

Apparently, Sarah herself had also thought about knitting the Chevron Scarf. I emailed her and asked if I could buy both in a "Buy It Now" situation. She agreed, and was fantastic to work with. We ended up reading each other's blogs and realizing we had quite a bit in common! I have become an avid reader of her blog; she knits some fantastic things and takes great pics. Sarah also hosted a contest this past week; whomever was her 100th comment would win a prize. Ironically, I turned out to be her 100th comment! How cool is that? Sarah says she's mailing me my prize - a skein of Vesper sock yarn. I'm so thrilled, I've never used Vesper before and have really been wanting to try it. Sarah and I are turning out to be great knitting blogger buddies, aren't we? She's mentioned she might be in St. Louis sometime soon - we will definitely have to meet up at one of the LYSs in town!

On to other great yarn news. I received my Mama Llama Sock Club package today. It has pretty sock yarn, a beautiful bag, a pattern, and a cute sheep stitch marker. Isn't it neat how it all coordinates together? I love getting goodies in the mail!

I finished the One Skein Baby Bolero, but am withholding a picture. I seamed one of the sleeves on a little wrong, and it's puckering a little. I plan to redo the seaming soon. Maybe I'll post a pic then.

I also finished the Wendy Knits Kitty Pi. What a fun knit! I was worried that Muffin and Sam might not be interested in checking it out, but check out Muffin!

Pattern: Kitty Pi by Wendy Knits

Yarn: 2 skeins Noro Big Kuyeron & 2 skeins Fun Fur (I only used a little bit of the Fun Fur, but used 2 skeins double stranded)

Needles: Size 11 Crystal Palace Bamboo DPNs & Size 11 24 inch Addi Turbo Circular

Started: 3/21/07

Finished: 3/30/07


Sarah said...

Yes, you are a great blog buddy!

Can't wait to see your scarf.

Sarah said...

Oh, and I really like the yarn from Mama-E - looks so springy and vintage.

Elinor said...

Great loot! The kitty bed looks purely decadent! I hope the cat enjoys it!

Robin said...

I love that kitty bed! I saw it in Wendy Knits but yours is motivating me to make one (or two) for my cats!

rfx1982 said...

oh, The mama-E yarn is so pretty!

Ashley said...

Oooh, looks like you got a GOOD skein of the Farmhouse (mine didn't have enough of that pretty teal in it, in my opinion). It's gonna be great!

Lucky kittites, with such a fancy bed...

stitchywitch said...

Oh, I love your Kitty Pi! I keep meaning to make one for my cats, but I am also afraid they would ignore it to sleep on shoes or something!