Thursday, September 06, 2007

Thursday Goodness

As promised, here's Orangina.
Pattern: Orangina by Glampyre Knits

Yarn: 1.5 skeins Circulo Anne in Orange

Needles: Size 3 24 inch Knit Picks Circular

Started: 7/07

Finished: 9/4/07

I loved knitting this pattern. The lace makes it look so intricate and detailed, but the truth is, it was so easy to memorize. Plus, the yarn I used was super-cheap and yet feels great. I received a lot of compliments on this last night at Knit Nite. Kara took this picture of me modeling it while we were at Knitorious. I was terrified to wear something I knit out in public. However, not only did I wear it to Knitorious, but I also still had it on when we went to The Kind & I for Thai food! I have to admit, I'm still a little self-conscious about the weight I have gained over the past year or so, and at first I felt like Orangina made me look huge. I just have to get used to the new me, and to keep reminding myself that it's better to be a size 10 or 12 and be happy than to be a size 4 or 6 and miserable (which I once was.)

In other news, I received some absolutely gorgeous handspun yarn from Funky Carolina.

Bronze Goddess

Apple Blossom

This is my first handspun. Carrie makes such beautiful yarn and roving. She was even recently featured on Lime & Violet's Daily Chum (although I'd like to put it in the record that I ordered it before I knew she was going to be so famous!) So now I have to figure out what to knit with each skein. I honestly just keep holding them, unsure if I will ever have the nerve to knit them at all!

Now for Stitches Midwest. Here are a couple of pictures of the wonderful people I spent time with there. (Better late than never, right?)

This is Sarah (of The Plucky Knitter fame) and I the first night we met, with all our yarn purchases from the day. Unfortunately, I'm concentrating so much on being cheesy that I forgot to hold up my yarn.

This is myself, Shannon (Sarah's sister-in-law and truly awesome blogless knitter,) and Sarah the day we were leaving Chicago. I had so much fun hanging out with the two of them. We sat in the little bar in our hotel Saturday night and talked for hours, like we had all known each other forever. I think knitting does that to people; it connects them. Too bad my picture is so blurry. And of course, once again, I am so excited that I look cheesy.

Finally, this is my sister Cindy and I. She is 6 years younger than me, and I consider her my best friend. We had so much fun that weekend together, from the late night car ride there to trying to figure out where to park at the hotel to Cindy sleeping for 11 hours Saturday night. (I think she was overwhelmed by all the knitting.) Obviously, I was such a happy camper that weekend, you couldn't have slapped that smile off my face. I never dreamed I'd be so lucky as to have such wonderful people in my life.


nicole said...

It looks GREAT! And working it at Knit Night only makes it sweeter. Nice job.

Wannabe said...

Super pretty sweater. I love the orange. You can so pull it off!

Nora said...

I'm glad to see you looking so happy! :)

Woman who knits said...

Sweater is great and I love all the yarns!!

Sarah said...

We did have fun didn't we?

Your Orangina is lovely - wear it proudly.

Good job!

Annie said...

Orangiana (did I spell that right?) is truly gorgeous in person. I'm glad you're happy with it. And... ahem ... you got to go to Stitches?!

Romi said...

Orangina looks *amazing* on you!

yarnsnob said...

well done on Orangina! Looks a perfect fit! Pretty :)

kim4life said...

The sweater looks wonderful on you! How was the King and I?

Nautical Knitter said...

I have been trying unsuccessfully to reach you regarding your recent prize from the Secret of the Stole KAL. Please contact me through email so I can get this yarn to you. Thanks, DK

Karen said...

Funky Carolina was my SP10 partner...(I sent packages to her). Small world.

Amanda said...

Lovely sweater! Sorry I'm late seeing it! You really did a great job!

Sourire11 said...

Beautiful sweater!!! And it looks wonderful on you. Really, nice work.